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Deathwing Boss Battle by Cinder-Cat
Just showing my open adoptables and hopefully going to find a home for these babs soon :)

[open] Porcelain and Embers by Cinder-Cat[open] Ruby by Cinder-Cat[open] Lemon and ginger Beryle by Cinder-Cat[open] Caramel Mocha by Cinder-Cat
Gingerbread Beryle [open] For Sale by Cinder-CatSunny Beryle [open] by Cinder-CatStorm Beryle [closed] by Cinder-Cat

Beryle Cafe

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 6, 2017, 5:21 PM

New Coffee Themed Adopts 

[open] Caramel Mocha by Cinder-Cat<da:thumb id="655778707"/> [closed] Cafe Mocha by Cinder-Cat [closed] Cappuccino by Cinder-Cat<da:thumb id="656250677"/>

I love coffee thinking of these makes me look forward to waking up in the morning ^_^ 

Skin by SimplySilent

Beryle Species Sheet

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 5, 2017, 2:06 PM


Moonlight Glow by Cinder-Cat

The first Beryle was found by a witch searching for a perfect familiar to keep her company in her cottage. She created a spell that opened up a portal into an unknown land where she hope to find rare and exotic creatures. She went through the portal and found herself in a beautiful moonlight forest. Around the forest were a lot of colourful eggs scattered around in the roots of the trees.

These were Beryle eggs absorbing the magical energy of the moon. The moonlight forest cannot be found by any traveller it hides on a mountainous island in a mystical region of the world. Beryles will leave the island once hatched to find places they feel comfortable in and often becoming good companions to people that they find on their way. Every once in awhile Beryles will gather back in the moonlight forest to socialise with their own kind and breed.

The young witch took a mysterious purple and blue egg that glimmered iridescently and stored it carefully in her backpack, The witch placed the egg in a basket full of soft cushions and put it in the warmest place in the house near the fire and waited excitedly for it to hatch. A few days later on the night of the full moon the egg began to shake and crack open and out of the shell emerged her new Beryle.

Magic Concepts by Cinder-Cat

Beryle Types

Beryles are mystical cat/rabbits they are the embodiment of things people love and hold dear to their hearts. They are an ethereal creatures. on average they are about the size of a cat but they can be larger than a lion. They have large rabbit ears sometimes pointy, round or lop eared. They have small delicate feet and can run extremely fast on their soft round paws.

Their wings vary greatly in size and shape. Larger wings are considered a more rare attribute to have. Berlyes wings are often soft and feathery like angel wings. Sometime their wings can be leathery like bat wings. Berlyes can rarely be found with horns. Horns are usually quite small on Berlyes.

Their fur colours can vary greatly in different shades of colours. 

Eye colour usually matches their crystal colours, their eyes are extremely cat like with a slit pupil. They have good vision at night as most Berlyes are nocturnal creatures.

Seasonal Berlyes are considered rare because they can only be found at certain times of the year. Beryles usually look cute and squishy on the outside they have soft fur and eyes that can melt your heart however, like cats they have sharp fangs and claws hidden away ready to use if necessary.

Midnight by Cinder-Cat

Energy Crystals

They store magical energy in the crystals around their neck. They can collect energy from their special endearment. Places that they feel safe in. Eating food that they love. Some Berlyes don't have any crystals but instead they have a certain object around their neck that the energy can be stored. The crystals fade when a Beryle is feeling weak or upset and shine brightly when they feel strong and energetic and happy.

Beryle abilities

Berlyes have the ability to become invisible at will. Sometimes only revealing their eyes. Beryles can fly. Most Beryles have quite small wing spans however this doesn't stop them from flying they have the ability to float in the air as if they are as light as air and carry unusually heavy loads for their size. Beryles have the ability to cast simple or complexed spells they each possess unique magical gifts. Beryles are extremely intelligent and useful companions to heros on adventures.

*Still a work in progress :o 

Midnight Beryle by Cinder-Cat

Adoptable for Sale

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 22, 2016, 6:11 PM

Gingerbread Beryle [open] For Sale by Cinder-Cat Kawaii Fawns 2/3 [open] by Cinder-CatFawn Beryles II [open] 1/2 by Cinder-CatStorm Beryle [closed] by Cinder-Cat Sunny Beryle [open] by Cinder-Cat<da:thumb id="656251405"/>

Here are some of my unsold adoptables needing homes, I would love to get them all to good homes 
Beryles! They are mystical cat/rabbits they are the personification of things people love and hold dear to their hearts. All my adoptables are hand drawn, they are all individual and made with love :3

If you buy one of my Beryles, feel free to give them a new name and add onto their storyline :3 also please link me to it and any new art you create for them as I would love to see it :3

Beryles are a closed species and are ©:iconcinder-cat:

You are not allowed to re-sell them... You can however gift or trade them

Leave a comment on which one you want and have fun with them :D

Skin by SimplySilent

Small simple animal or creature £15
Cute Winter Fox by Cinder-Cat 

Portrait £25
Snow by Cinder-Cat Portrait of Eira by Cinder-Cat Female Face Study - Painted by Cinder-Cat 

Single Character/creature £45-

 Fire Mage by Cinder-Cat Catskin Fairytale by Cinder-Cat Emerald - Birthstone by Cinder-Cat Mountain Dragon Design by Cinder-Cat

2 characters (1 character and mount) £65

Levistus trapped in a glacier (commission) by Cinder-Cat Hell Knight - commission by Cinder-Cat 
Hawk Rider by Cinder-Cat 

More than 2 characters £75

Deathwing Boss Battle by Cinder-Cat

Commissions usually take up to 2 weeks to complete